Burnley Fever Slots

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5-reel, progressive, bonus
Football, Sport
No one likes experiencing a fever. You feel bad, you feel ill, and no one wants to be around you. So, why would you play a slot game involving a fever?

If you spotted the Burnley name in the title, you might guess this involves something very different to a regular illness. That is the name of a football team in the UK, so we’re getting a slot that revolves around football rather than being poorly. That sounds much better to us. Even if you’re not keen on football, you might love what you’re about to discover in this game. Let’s check it out.

Who developed this slot?

Real Time Gaming has created lots of great slot games. We can add Burnley Fever to that list now too. If you’re part of an RTG-powered casino, you will spot this game popping up soon if it isn’t already there.

Should you check out a demo of the game first?

Yes, this is a great idea as the game has some features you may not have seen before. Once you get the hang of it, you can always switch to the proper version with real bets if you want to.

You can guess the theme, right?

Of course – the theme is about football, so it helps to like the sport if you are going to have a good time playing this slot game. If you’re a fan of Burnley, even better.

Exploring the game design

It has a great design. While some elements are obvious – such as the football stadium in the background – they are all displayed in the greatest detail. All the symbols appearing in the game have been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, which is something we always love to see. It draws you in and makes the game more appealing.

What type of game is this?

It’s a slot, of course, but what do we know beyond that? We know the game has five reels and there are four positions on each. That gives you more betting options than some other games do, but we will come to that shortly.

The good news is you have two progressive jackpots involved in this game. The random triggers for these mean that either one could drop following a paid spin of the reels. We know the odds are super long, but who knows when they will be paid out? If you play for real, you know you have a shot at it.

The football appears as the substitute icon. It is stacked, but only appears on the first and fifth reels. The football team has a mascot too, and this is used as a scatter. It cannot be subbed by the wild, though. If you get a prize involving one or more of the wild footballs, you will receive double the usual amount.

Paylines to bet on

There are 50 of these in action – ideal for players who appreciate a greater quantity of paylines to cover in their slots. They’re fixed lines too, which means each bet will cover all 50 lines.

Betting options

The smallest coin here is one cent, which means your smallest bet will be 50 cents, since those lines are fixed. If you want to go higher with your bet, you can do so – the $2.50 coin is the highest one, which would involve a much bigger bet across a single spin.

Is the paytable useful to view?

For sure, especially since there are different elements involved in this game. If you are going to play, either in demo mode or in the real version of the game, make sure you do so after reviewing the paytable. It can be accessed via the link in the corner of the game on the bottom right.

What about bonus features?

Look for the bonus ball to appear. This must show up on each of the five reels in the same base game spin to qualify for the bonus feature to play. Most footballing games involve a penalty bonus, and this one is no different.

You can score between 3x and 100x your bet in this feature. You must try and score as many penalty kicks as you can. The better you get at doing it, the higher your reward will be. Look out for the golden ball as well, since this will earn you a further penalty kick and the chance to win three times as much as you would have done without it.

What about some free spins?

You can get these in two ways. The game is provided with two modes of play. You can switch between these as you wish, but you are required to select one before the game begins.

If you decide to play in BURNLEY mode, you will get an opportunity to secure up to 100 free games. You will need to find three, four, or five scatter symbols to achieve this. Whenever you win something during those games, it receives a 3x multiplier to boost its value.

Meanwhile, the other method of play is to choose the LUCKY mode. If this occurs, you don’t need to search for a scatter trigger to play some freebies. Instead, eight are given to you randomly after a spin, so you must simply wait and see when or whether they appear. When they do, you merely get the chance to score regular prize amounts.

Do we know what the RTP is?

No, this information was not made available on the paytable, so we do not know the current figure. There is a chance we may get a rough idea of it in future, but we cannot imagine it would be any less than 95%.

Our rating is…

We couldn’t rate this any lower than 9 out of 10. We don’t see too many games that offer two ways you could play them, which makes this more appealing from the start. Having bonuses and free games available also makes it a good one to try.

Any winners yet?

We haven’t heard of any. However, there is some progressive jackpot potential in this game, so that should make it more interesting when the prize does drop. We’ll keep a look out for some news of someone getting that surprise…

Is it worth indulging in some practice play?

Yes, absolutely. You can find out more about the game by playing the practice version of it first. Try the two modes of play as well, since this is the most notable thing about the game.

Real wagers are available whenever you are ready

Yes, and you can switch to playing like this if you are a member of the casino you choose to play the game at. Don’t forget to set an affordable budget before you begin, though.

Try some Burnley Fever slots via your mobile device today

This game has been released to work on all platforms. You can try playing it on an Android device or one that uses the iOS software. Whichever device you try, you can enjoy getting the most out of Burnley Fever slots today.