Fat Cat Cafe Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Food, Sweets

Fat Cat Café Slots is one of Realtime Gaming's latest themed video slot creations. This feel good game treats you to a relaxed spinning experience that is fueled by cute little kitties, sugary donut sweets, steaming hot cups of symbol replacing wild coffee, and lots of tasty pastries. You can spin the cats and snacks on the five available reels and rows of this cluster-based slot machine title, and, among other things, thrigge multiplier rewards (up to six times), top payouts (3000 times the bet), and cascading wins.

Meet the Patrons of This Brand New Reel Spinning Café

A bunch of cute looking fat cats are the patrons of this delicious coffeehouse that is filled with sweets and other treats. Each of these four cats has its own symbol clearing game play function that is bound to give you a meow-tastic win when you trigger it during a spin. When the always hungry fat cats start to gobble up all the mouthwatering symbol treats on a row, on a row and a column, or on adjacent reel spots, you will see that other icons drop in from the positions above to replace them.

What's more, these dropping symbols at their turn make room for brand new reel attributes that come into play from the top of the screen. Furthermore, cascading symbol replacements are also triggered when you make successful combinations with the slot spinning treats that are on display on the reel frame.

Trigger Powerful Win Multipliers with Your Spinning Actions

If you think all of the reel spinning goodness above isn't already too sweet to be true, then wait till you start to see all those lucrative multiplier rewards that are being triggered by your successful symbol cascading actions. With a bit of luck on your side, you can activate lucrative Fat Cat Café Slots multiplier rewards that are able to increase your win prize as high as six times.

Make Your Way to RTG Powered Casinos and Play Fat Cat Café Slots

If you like to play this newly released Fat Cat Café Slots game from the always reel spinning fun delivering Realtime Gaming, then you have to make your way to online casino platforms that are powered by the software from this developer. Make sure to bring some cash credits along for the experience, because you're going to want to go after all those very lucrative wins that can be won at this brand new cats and sweets themed reel spinner.