Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Horror, Magic, Holidays

In Bubble Bubble 2 Slots, Winni the Witch is back, and this time she has brought along her equally good looking friend Wanda the Witch to help you gain even more profits. In this follow up game to the very popular Bubble Bubble Slots, which is also a slot machine creation from Realtime Gaming (RTG), you get to enter the spooky witches' compound again in order to boil up some more magical profits.

You will do this with the help of a generous feature package that is even bigger than the one in the game that introduced reel spinning enthusiasts to Winni and her peculiar world of wonders. If you are looking forward to explore this 50 line (compulsory), 5 reel, and 3 row boasting game and all of its money making features, the keep on reading this review.

Meet the Wild Witches and Benefit From Their Special Powers

At those moments when normal games are in play, you will occasionally see Winni the Witch and her friend Wanda the Witch respectively appear on slot reels one and five. When they show up, the two witches will cover the whole reel on which they are displayed. This happens before any wins are paid out. Winni and Wanda act as replacement icons for all of the game's symbols.

This includes scatter wand icons, but only once per wild reel. Rewards are tripled when a witch symbol becomes a part of your win triggering combination. Things become even better when both Wanda and Winni take part in a successful symbol combination, because you will then receive a prize that is multiplied by nine.

More Wild Symbol Perks to Take Advantage Of

Besides the two Wild Witches, there are also the Wild Ghosts symbol and the Wild icon, Wild Ghosts will only show up when the Great Ghosts feature is active. These Wild Ghosts icons are able to replace all game symbols that are not a scatter wand. The Wild reel attribute shows up when the Wild Witches feature is active and both Winni and Wanda are present on the slot's reels. The Wild symbol is able to replace every reel attribute in the game, including the wand scatter logo.

Activate Special Bonus Rounds With the Feature Trigger Game Element

This game boasts a feature trigger element with which you can launch the above mentioned Great Ghosts Feature and the Wild Witches feature. Furthermore, it is also able to trigger the Ultra Bewitched feature. You get a chance to trigger and pick one of these three features when you land three or more wand scatter logos on the reels in a left to right line. In order to reveal the feature, you need to click on one of the wand logos that helped launch the feature trigger game element.

The Greater Ghosts Feature Lets You Play With Free Spins

When the Greater Ghosts Feature reveals itself, you will receive an award of 20 free spins. When a scatter prize is paid out, you will see 9 Wild Ghosts that take position on the reels. You can re-trigger the Greater Ghosts feature. Re-triggering wand scatters count before any of the Wild Ghosts place themselves on the slot reels. Any re-trigger of the feature brings along 20 extra free spins.

Play Free Spins and Cast Spells in the Wilder Witches Feature

When the Wilder Witches feature reveals itself, your reward will be 9 free spins. Also, if Winni or Wanda show up on the reels, they will cast a spell. Any reel that is struck by a spell will transform into the spell casting witch. This will happen before any wins are paid out. If Winni and Wanda both land on the reels, then three things can happen.

They can cast a magic spell that is aimed at the middle reel and turns it into a wild symbol, trigger an additional number of 33 free spins, or activate both perks. This Bubble Bubble 2 Slots bonus feature also has a re-trigger option, and re-triggering wand scatter icons count before spell casts take place.

Claim Win-Win Feature Profits During the Wilder Witches Bonus Round

While the Wilder Witches feature is active, you also have the opportunity to make use of the Win-Win bonus game element. You receive a Win-Win prize if the total Wilder Witches feature win (trigger game wins are excluded) is 10 times the wager of the triggering spin round or less. In case there are no wins, then a reward of 100 times the wager pays out. Other wins that qualify award between 5 times and 100 times the wager.

Launch Free Games and Expanded Wilds With the Ultra Bewitched Feature

When the Ultra Bewitched feature reveals itself, you will receive a total of seven free spins together with one or more expanded Wild Witches perks. Winni will take over reel one, or Wanda will take over reel five. Alternatively, both of the witches can take over their directed slot reels during spins. Just as with the other two feature trigger bonus rounds, you can re-trigger this bonus game element. A re-trigger will make sure that you receive another set of seven free games.

Play Bubble Bubble 2 Slots at RTG Software Supported Casino Websites

You can make profit triggering spins with Winni and Wanda from Bubble Bubble 2 Slots at Realtime Gaming software supported casino platforms. The experience will be spooky but also very entertaining, as both witches will be more than happy to give you a good spinning time when you enter their house of magic and creepy wonders.