Phantom of the Opera Slots

Phantom of the Opera Slots
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5-reel, video, progressive
Horror, Music
The Phantom of the Opera is surely one of the most famous stories around. Most people are familiar with how it works, perhaps because of the book or because they have seen the musical based on the idea.

The original slot we are about to review was indeed called The Phantom of the Opera. However, the creator was required to change that title to Haunted Opera, owing to the official release of the Phantom of the Opera game. Rest assured the original is still very good and still identical to that early version. The only thing that has changed is the name. Shall we discover what lies in store for us if we decide to give the original a shot today?

Who developed this slot?

This is yet another successful entry into the Real Time Gaming selection of slots. We soon see this is an older game, but it provides us with the chance to appreciate the theme and everything that goes along with it.

Does it have a demo?

While some older slots do not have demo versions, we can fortunately load a demo for this one. Haunted Opera is delightful to play in demo mode, as it provides you with a chance to learn more about the entire game. Of course, you can do that by reading our Phantom of the Opera review right here, too.

An obvious theme, perhaps?

Yes, the original title gives this one away, but the new Haunted Opera title is good too. We can see many familiar elements in action, and we suspect you will appreciate every last detail included in this game.

Does it boast a good game design?

It does. The theater where the action takes place in the original story is clearly in view. The curtains on the stage provide a nice backdrop to the game. The reels take center stage, of course, and there is plenty of gold splashed around. The famous chandelier is above the reels and can be viewed as you play.

What type of game is this?

There are five reels involved in this one. We also see the number of lines clearly displayed on either side of those reels. If you manage to get a prize on a line, the relevant number changes color to indicate this.

It doesn’t take long to notice the jackpot amount in the top left corner either. If you manage to get this, your dreams might just come true! All the controls appear underneath the reels and are easy to access.

Look out for the infamous mask of the Phantom, since this is your substitute during play. It can replace most of the other symbols present here, except for the letter. This is used as a scatter, as you might guess. The wild mask usually has a 2x multiplier for prizes secured in the base game. However, this increases to 6x whenever it appears in a winning line in the free games.

How many paylines can you play on?

You’ll be able to figure this out with the help of those numbers either side of the reels. However, the answer is that 20 lines are provided.

Betting options

There are lots of coins available to choose from when you play this game. You can start at one cent and move upwards to reach $5 per line at the most. You will only be able to bet one coin per line, so that means covering them all can cost between 20 cents and $100.

Reviewing the paytable

This tells us all about the game, the various prizes that could potentially be gained, and everything else necessary. You can view it by selecting it from the bottom right corner of the game, underneath the spin button.

Is there a bonus featuring the Phantom?

No, the game does not include a bonus feature.

Could you get any free spins?

You could, and this is where things begin to get more interesting. The idea is you must find a letter on the first reel and the Phantom’s mask on the fifth reel at the same time. In doing so, five free games will be yours. The multiplier on everything won in these games is 3x. Remember the wild offers a 6x multiplier here too. That essentially means the usual wild multiplier is multiplied by the 3x multiplier in the free games to get the 6x value.

However, while you only get five spins to start with, watch out for the Phantom himself. He could appear on any reel in the games. Whenever he does so, you could win up to three more freebies to add to however many remain at that point. So, there is a chance to play through way more than five spins here.

Do we know the RTP?

We have looked around online for further information but cannot confirm the exact RTP for this slot game.

What is our rating for this slot?

We are going to rank this as an 8 out of 10 game. We were going to opt for 7 out of 10 but the features in the freebie round make it more interesting than it would otherwise have been.

Any winners to note?

We have done some research on this, but we couldn’t find any news of previous winners of the progressive jackpot. Since the game has been around for a few years though, you can bet some people have gotten the best prize of the lot.

Practice before you play

Playing for enjoyment is something we should all do. It is advisable to do this before you consider switching to proper bets. You still play as you normally would, only with virtual coins instead of real ones. It’s easy and a good idea, as you will see.

Are real wagers the way to go in Haunted Opera?

Haunted Opera, the original Phantom of the Opera slot, call it what you will… this has encouraged many players to try wagering with real cents when they check it out. Maybe you will like what you see here as well.

Play on your mobile device too

More players are discovering how good it is to go mobile with their favorite slots. You can do the same if you want to by opting for this game on your Android or iOS device today.