Bulls and Bears Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Finance, Riches, Animals
Looking at the name of this 5 reel, 3 row, and 25 payline boasting virtual slot machine title, you might think that Bulls and Bears Slots is all about animals. However, the bull and bear it refers to are the popular terms used in the stock market industry. A bull market is a situation in which share prices rise, which encourages buyers. A bear market is a situation in which stock prices go down, which encourages sellers.

In this stock market themed reel spinner from Realtime Gaming (RTG), you will also get to make some important buying and selling decisions in the buy-sell free games feature. Furthermore, you will have lots of other opportunities to make some good profits if you learn the trades of this game. In order to do that, you can start by reading this game review article to get all the details about Bulls and Bears Slots.

Complete Winning Combinations and Quadruple Your Profits

The bull and the bear are your powerful substitute/wild icons in this game. When they come charging onto the screen after you've hit the spin button, then other symbols want to make room for them. In fact, unlike with the usual substitute icons in video slot machine games, these two fearsome and strong animals are even able to replace the scatter symbol in a combination.

The bull always shows up on slot reel two and is able to replace every type of symbol in a combination. The bear can show up reel four and is also capable of replacing every symbol in a combination. You can therefore turn combinations into win triggering ones, and you even get a doubled reward when the bear or bull symbol is part of the winning combination. What's more, you price will be generously quadrupled if they both animals form part of such a winning combination.

Make More Wins and Spins Thanks to the Buy-Sell Free Games Feature

Thanks to the available buy-sell free games feature, you get a chance to claim 5, 7, or 15 free spins. This happens when 3, 4, or 5 chart scatter icons, respectively, show up on the reel spots in a left to right position. When the free games feature hits, you get a chance to select "buy" or "sell". If you choose buy, then you will receive 1 additional free spin when the bull shows up during a free game.

If you decide to sell instead, then 1 additional free game will be yours when the bear shows up during a free spin. Besides these free spins benefits, it is also worth mentioning that all your wins will be tripled while free spins are active. Free spins will be played with the wager value and active paylines that where set in place during the trigger game.

The Feature Guarantee Is Your Ticket to Additional Free Spins

Due to the presence of the feature guarantee element you are assured of the fact that free games will become active after you've performed a certain number of real money spins. On the game screen, you will see a feature guarantee meter that displays the number of spins that you still need to make in order to trigger the feature guarantee bonus. The meter always starts with 100 remaining paid spins. When you happen to randomly activate the above mentioned buy-sell free games bonus, then the meter will reset itself to 100 paid spins.

In case you do not randomly win free games and manage to get the meter to hit zero, then the buy-sell free spins round will be triggered by the feature guarantee. The bonus round rules will be the same as with the buy-sell free games feature, and you will receive 5, 7, or 15 free spins to play with. Once you've finished the feature guarantee free spins round, you will see that the meter goes back to 100 paid spins again.

Make Use of the Instant Trigger Chance Game Play Service

If you like to make use of free spins before the feature guarantee meter hits zero, then you can also speed up the process by making an attempt to activate the feature (only possible if the meter shows a number below 100). In the same corner as the feature guarantee display meter, you can also see a display of the trigger chance. The chance that you actually be able to instantly trigger the free spins gets higher when the feature guarantee meter number gets lower.

You can activate the instant trigger chance game element via the play button next to the chance indicator. Keep in mind that the feature guarantee meter will always return back to its starting number of 100 paid spins when you decide to hit the instant trigger chance play button, no matter if the outcome is positive or not.

Take Advantage of the Chance to Trigger Progressive Jackpot Rewards

While being active in stock market trading, you can sometimes hit the jackpot if luck presents itself. What's amazing is that this stock market themed game is also able to let you hit the jackpot, both in minor and in major form. The minor and major progressive jackpots that this game has on offer will present themselves randomly at the end of a spinning round.

These progressive jackpots are extra special and valuable, because they are an accumulation of the wager percentages from other real money Bulls and Bears Slots players. They therefore keep increasing in value until they reach their limit and pay out, or until they randomly drop before reaching their limits.

Enjoy Bulls and Bears Slots Spins by Visiting RTG Supporting Casinos

You can enjoy fun Bulls and Bears Slots spinning experiences by visiting Realtime Gaming software supporting casino platforms on the internet. Visit these casinos to play the game for free in test/fun mode, or, if you can miss it, certainly don't hesitate to bring along some real money as well. You can then place actual wagers and make profitable wins. This is after all a game with a theme that focuses on the potential riches that can be made at the stock market.