T-Rex II Slots

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bonus, 5-reel, video
Historical, Prehistoric Period, Animals
T-Rex II Slots is the mighty dinosaur themed follow-up game to the popular Realtime Gaming (RTG) reel spinner T-Rex Sots. Once again you have the opportunity to make powerful symbol combinations with Jurassic legends like the Raptor, the Suchomimus, the Triceratops, and of course, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), the iconic king of the dinosaurs and this game himself.

These reel attributes and others need to be formed into win triggering combinations that cross the 25 available pay lines from this 5 reel and 3 row boasting slot machine game. While playing it, you can trigger normal wins from various symbol combinations, but also special features like the progressive jackpot rewards, free spins, and wild win multipliers. With all of those money making benefits on the table, it is time to make another trip to the always fascinating wild age of the big reptiles.

Other Symbols Cannot Stand in the Way of the Wild and Powerful T-Rex

Almost no other symbol is able to stand in the way of the wild and powerful T-Rex icon. When he comes barging into your symbol combination, there is only one logo that cannot be scared away by him. That symbol is the scatter egg. Such powerful is the mighty T-Rex that he not only replaces symbols in combinations so that wins can be triggered, but that he also doubles the wins when being present in those combinations.

Start the Symbol Devouring T-Rex Terror Wilds Round During Free Spins

You will receive either 10, 20, or as much as 100 free games when you hit the spin button and randomly land 3, 4, or 5 scatter logos on the slot frame spots. While playing with free spins, you also have the opportunity to launch a symbol devouring T-Rex terror wilds feature, and you can trigger additional free games.

Go on a Dinosaur Symbol Feeding Frenzy with the Tyrannosaurus

In real life, you would likely be in absolute fear and terror when you suddenly encountered the king of the dinosaurs. However, in this slot game, his sudden appearance can be a big blessing for your player bankroll. During the special T-Rex terror wilds feature, you will be witness to a dino feeding frenzy when the Tyrannosaurus shows his dangerous face on slot reel one. When he is hungry, the T-Rex can proceed to munch away dinosaurs that have taken position on other reel spots. This will happen before your spinning wins are handed out. Once a triceratops, a suchomimus, or a raptor is devoured, its place will be taken over by the T-Rex symbol.

Boost Your T-Rex II Slots Profits with Progressive Jackpot Rewards

The end of a spinning turn can suddenly become very surprising, because that is the moment you might experience a random progressive jackpot payout. Progressive jackpots receive their value from the real money bet contributions that other players make when they participate in T-Rex II Slots spinning sessions. Progressive jackpots keep growing in value until a maximum limit or random event triggers the payout.

Are You Ready to Go on Another Dinosaur Themed Spinning Adventure?

You can enjoy yourself with T-Rex II Slots at online casino platforms that are powered by the software from Realtime Gaming. Play this themed game for free or for real money at those casinos an immerse yourself once more in the captivating and cash rewards fueled world of Tyrannosaurus Rex and his other dinosaur slot machine companions.