Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

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Time Travel, Monsters
The online casino entertainment world has recently welcomed one of its most unique slot machine games in its midst. This very unusual game goes by the name Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure, and it will offer you a whole new slot spinning experience. If you are constantly getting bored with playing standard slot machine titles, then this is one game that definite deservers a recommendation if you want to spark up your slot playing enthusiasm again.

About the Game

Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure is a game that does not let you play and win with the help of standard reels and paylines. Instead, the game's symbols (monsters, weapons, special weapons and energy balls) will pop out of a time vortex in the middle of the screen when you hit the spin button. These floating symbols help you to claim wins, and they help Cubee to build up his energy/strength level. Monsters symbol combinations trigger payouts (you can also combine them with energy balls as each one counts as a monster).

The energy balls give Cubee more power so that he can defeat stronger monsters and thus trigger more payouts, and standard weapon symbols help to defeat Rocco the mean cyclops. Rocco stands on the right side of the screen during the Stone Age, the age of the pirates, and the Viking age, but he is not present when Cubee returns to Cubeeland. When Rocco is defeated, you will transport Cubee to the next period in time.

Accumulate Free Spins and Multipliers

When you enter the pirate era, you will be able to collect free games with out of the vortex appearing cannon symbols. During the Viking stage of the game, you will be able to accumulate win multipliers with the help of out of the vortex popping bow and arrow symbols. Things start to get really interesting once you end up with Cubee in Cubeeland after he finishes his time travel tours in the Stone Age era, the pirate era, and the Viking era.

While being in Cubeeland, you will play with the free games and the multipliers that you've accumulated in the previous game round eras. For the bets in this round, you will use the wager amount that was active throughout the previous three game eras. Another thing to keep in mind is that due to the absence of Rocco, there will be no weapons in play during the Cubeeland stage of the game. This will give you the opportunity to make better and more wins with the symbol combinations that come out of the portal.

Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure Will Keep You Entertained

Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure is a very enjoyable game that will keep you entertained for hours on end due to its unique slot game play elements. The small and friendly looking Cubee is a very likeable slot game character, and the fact that you travel with him from one time period and location to another keeps the game interesting at all times.

Combine this with the high volatility of the game, the funny looking monsters, and the unique "reel" structure and you've found yourself a lucrative game that is easy to fall in love with. You can play it online for free with fun credits to practice or to just have a good time, but you can also decide to go after the money and make exciting, cash winning time travel adventures with the help of real money wagers.