Pig Winner Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Regional, Zodiac, East
Would you want to be called a Pig Winner? It’s one of the oddest phrases we have ever come across – and in the world of slots that is really saying something. Will Pig Winner offer a great gaming experience or is it going to be a strange one to try?

Once you realize what the theme is, you will understand why the creator went for this title. It does catch the eye, for sure, and as you are about to see, the game is going to do the same.

Who developed this slot?

Pig Winner is another new title from Real Time Gaming. It was released early in 2019, which just so happens to be the Chinese Year of the Pig. So, now we understand what that title is all about.

Demo possibilities for Pig Winner slots

The slot game does have a demonstration version, as do all other RTG slots. This one is fully featured and gives you a chance to see how the features pan out during play. It is the best way to get the most from the game prior to deciding to take it for a real spin.

We already know the theme for this game

It revolves around the Chinese New Year, of course. We often see slots based on this topic being released early in the year. It helps to know the animal for that year, as we can guess how the slot game world will react to it.

Game design features

If you would rather the action take place on the reels of your game rather than focusing on details in the background, we think you will like Pig Winner. The game is very appealing, with some golden elements in the background and lots of detail confined to the reels themselves. If you know your Chinese New Year history, you will spot some familiar animals cropping up over those reels as you get started. This is a colorful slot that glorifies the theme – and it works beautifully.

Pig Winner game features

You’d expect the pig to be important in this game and it is. It adopts the role of the substitute. You will also spot the famous yin yang symbol in action as well. You might guess it is used as a scatter, and you’d be correct.

The game uses a traditional five-reel format, and just three icons will spin into view on each reel as you play. We can also confirm that no progressive jackpots are included here, so you are restricted to the prizes in the game itself.

Payline quantity provided

No paylines are here, because we get the chance to cover all the possible ways to win instead – all 243 of them per spin.

What are your betting options?

You can choose from the available total spin bets provided in the game. We think you will appreciate the low starting value of just 30 cents for this game. You will get 243 ways to try and get some prizes with those 30 cents. You can of course try and wager more to get a better return when prizes do come your way. Always remember your budget, though.

Does the game include a paytable?

It does, and it is hidden behind the stack of coins. This is shown close to the spin button. This will show you all the prizes available for each successful combo you might get on the reels.

Pig Winner bonus possibilities

There are no bonuses available in this game, which is a shame. However, the next section will reveal the special feature that is included.

What about some free spins?

You can net some of these if you find enough of the yin yang scattered symbols over the reels. Just three are required, which would get you eight free games to play.

You’ve probably gotten more than eight games in other slots. However, these eight games are not regular ones. Firstly, you will see far more scatter icons and wild icons appearing during the games. You will also get the chance to secure eight more games with three more scatters, so the odds of achieving this are better than they’d normally be. You can do it a maximum of two more times.

With the pig turning up more often during your free games, there are better opportunities to score prizes here as well. Everything looks pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

Does the game reveal an RTP in the paytable?

No, but we did some research and we discovered the value reaches above 96%. That is reasonable enough, we think.

Considering our rating for the game

We are going to rate this as an 8 out of 10 game. We prefer to see bonuses in a slot game alongside the regular free games you could get. However, Pig Winner makes a nice job of changing things up for the free spins, as you have seen. Will you manage to get the most out of this game if you try it? We doubt you will be disappointed with its entertaining features.

No news on any big winners

Pig Winner does have some nice prizes in store for some players. However, the absence of a progressive prize does make it less likely we will hear about a large prize being won by someone.

Practicing the game in demo mode

We’ve already covered this, but it is worth repeating here. You can play just for some entertainment by selecting the demo of the game. This is a good way to practice and to see how everything pans out.

Will you be among the many players trying Pig Winner with real wagers?

This is up to you, of course. You can check out the game first and see if its wagers fit with your budget. Knowing how everything works ahead of trying the real version is crucial, as you will get a better idea of the game and its features.

Mobile gaming comes as standard with new RTG games

This is good news. It means Pig Winner can be accessed on all platforms. From Android devices to iPhones and iPads, you won’t have any issues playing this game in your preferred way.