Pulsar Slots

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6-reel, video, bonus
It is time to expand your reel spinning horizon with a gaming session on the reels of Pulsar Slots. This unique, galaxy themed, slot machine title takes you on an incredible journey to the stars, where powerful game play forces and features collide to give you the spinning adventure of a lifetime. Read on to learn more about this brand new video slot machine from Realtime Gaming.

Realtime Gaming Takes You on a Spinning Journey to the Stars

Pulsar Slots is a casino game that finds its origins in the minds of Realtime Gaming's (RTG) software developers. As a respected, long-term, and well-known slot machine creator, RTG knows what makes the hearts of reel spinning fans beat faster. The company’s latest addition to its slot collection proves that once more.

Practice in Demo Mode Before You Launch Real Money Spinning Sessions

Practicing and testing is a vital part for any adventurous explorer who wants to go on a journey into space. Therefore, Make sure to give this innovative slot machine title a try in demo mode to test if you like its game play and money win features. Casino game related websites will give you the opportunity to have such a demo mode reel spinning experience, so take advantage of their services if this brand new slot manages to catch your interest.

Make Your Spins and Wins in a Galaxy Themed Game Environment

Virtual slot machine games are often created around an original theme. This slot machine game is no exception as it takes you into the vastness of space with its science fiction setting. Get ready to make your spins and wins among the stars as a modern day reel spinning astronaut who is on a deep space mission. You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover what the universe will reveal in terms of real money profits and virtual fruit machine spinning adventures.

Let Yourself Be Captivated by the Game's Futuristic Design

A space themed game should come with a matching design that captivates even the most experienced reel spinning cosmonauts. Pulsar Slots successfully manages to do this with its star-filled background, its asteroid, planet, and star themed symbols, its science fiction music, and it's futuristic game play button design elements. All design elements combined will successfully launch you into the cosmos where you can go on a search for profits until infinity and beyond.

The Type of Casino Game That Delivers Huge Wins

The five reels of this modern looking video slot game are positioned into a unique hexagonal framework. Big wins, mega wins, and huge wins can be triggered when you hit the play button and, instead of traditionally spinning the reels, start to blast symbol attributes into position with powerful, space age projectiles.

Land Successful Symbol Combinations on Fixed Paylines

This casino slot machine game comes with a 20 paylines structure. These winlines are fixed, which means that you will play while 20 of them are activated at all times. With the help of the available game symbol collection, you have to land successful combinations on the paylines so that generous real credit rewards will be triggered.

Know and Adjust Your Betting Settings

You can adjust your money betting settings via the plus and minus keys that are placed on the right and left side of the bet/coin value amount display. Choose plus to increase the coin size, or click on minus to lower the amount that you like to bet. Your total bet amount (bet value x 20 paylines) is on display at the bottom left corner of the game.

Take a Look at the Slot's Paytable for More Game Details

If you want to learn more about the details of this futuristically designed casino slot machine game, then a quick look at its paytable overview can offer a lot of useful answers. The slot's paytable can provide you with more information about topics like the available symbols, win opportunities, game rules and bonus features.

The Game's Return to Player Rate

Since this is a brand new slot machine from Realtime Gaming, not much is known at the moment about its Return to Player (RTP) rate. Once the game really starts to captivate the hearts of many slot machine enthusiasts, there will become more information available about how much it is able to give back to participants in the long run.

Make Sure to Read Future Game Reviews Before You Start to Play

Another important pieces of information that avid reel spinners have to wait for when they want to find out more about this game, are its ratings and reviews. As soon as the slot becomes more accessible to online players, you will start to see detailed reviews and ratings at various respected casino game testing websites.

Look for Lucky Players Who Won Had Big Successes with This Slot Game

As soon as more and more players start to spin the reels of this sci-fi slot machine game, they’re going to be very lucky and very big winners. Keep an eye on upcoming casino news reports to see what these soon to be lucky reel spinners will manage to pull out of this slot machine game in terms of real money wins. By doing so, you might get even more inspired to play the slot, as there is always a chance to follow in their footsteps on a lucky day.

Playing for Free Is Just as Fun

When this game is added to more RTG powered casino platforms, there will be lots of opportunities to play it for free, which is just as fun as making bets at it with real money. When you play this slot for free, you will receive fun credits from the casino to activate spinning round sessions. Playing for fun is the alternative solution for if you do not like to make bets with real money, or simply want to do a few practice runs to get to know the game.

Real Money Wins Make Your Space Journey Worth the Risk

If you are ready to make your spinning space journey a bit riskier but also, potentially, more rewarding, then you can switch from fun play mode to real money gambling sessions. In order to be able to make real money bets, a player account needs to be created for the casino website on which you are playing this game. The next step is to make a money deposit with one of the banking services that the casino provides. Once you're player bankroll is ready, you can proceed to spin the reels of this slot with the intention to make profitable wins.

Enjoy the Mobile Play Version of RTG's Pulsar Slots

Many online casinos that work with the software from Realtime Gaming have made their games available to players who wish to enjoy them on their Android or iOS enabled devices. This means that you can conveniently play Pulsar Slots on the go when you are a member of a mobile friendly casino website that has this game on offer.