Storm Lords Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
Treasure, China, Regional
Storm Lords Slots boasts an epic Asian/Chinese theme, a fairly large number of win lines and betting options, cool graphics, and, of course, a wealth of great win opportunities. This is a game that surely will blow you away with its amazing features. Read on the get all the details on this newly developed slot machine title from the always good casino fun delivering Realtime Gaming.

Another Great Asian Themed Slot Machine Software Product from RTG

Storm Lords Slots is a software product from serial-developer RTG (Short for Realtime Gaming). Since its start in the year 1998, this company has brought a variety of uniquely themed casino slot machine titles on the virtual market. With the addition of this new slot title, the game designer now lets you dive into the magnificent world of Asian fantasy.

Asian Fantasy Comes to Live on the Slot Machine Screen

An Asian Fantasy and martial arts slot reel spinning adventure comes to live on the reels of Storm Lords Slots. RTG often draws inspiration from the traditional Far East cultures when it designs its slot title themes, and this game is yet another great example. This slot title lets you dive into the story of two already famous Asian comic (Fung Wan) and television characters that have now found their way to the slot reel screen. Spin its reels and go on an epic adventure with Bou Ging-Wan (Cloud) and Nie Feng (Wind), who will help you to claim amazing profits.

Give This Game a Try in Demo Play Mode

When this slot machine game from Realtime Gaming becomes available at the online casino you’re a member of, you might want to first give it a try in demo mode. That is, if such a service is provided by the casino platform. By testing it out via demo play, you will be able to determine if the game is worthy of your time, your coins, and your attention.

The Game's Theme Shines Through in Its Design

The game’s Asian theme is clearly depicted in its colorful design. There are both Asian/Chinese elements on the slot reels and on the background. The slot reels, which hold symbols like Nie Feng, Bou Ging-Wan, a Chinese lucky treasure coin, and an Asian woman, are placed in the framework of a Chinese style temple. On the background behind that temple, you can see cherry blossom trees. All of these game design elements will make sure that you can fully emerge yourself in the fantastic slot reel spinning world of the Storm Lords.

What to Spin and What to Win

The game lets you play with a total of five reels and three rows. Spin these reels in order to trigger standard wins, Storm Lords wild wins, and the two special free spins bonus features. This game does not provide you with the opportunity to cash in on a gigantic progressive reward, but it does has some pretty good top payouts available that will certainly make your heart beat faster when they land.

The Number of Paylines on Which You Can Land Symbol Combinations

It is time to learn how to trigger wins with this game, which you will do with a combination of symbols and paylines. This virtual slot machine title boasts a total of 50 reel crossing paylines/winlines on which you need to place all kinds of themed symbol combinations in order to trigger great profits. Get ready to hit that spin button, and start to line up those profit making symbols.

The Betting Options at Your Disposal

The coin size betting options presented to you in this game are $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00. You can wager 1 coin per line, which means that, with a total of 50 available paylines, you can make a maximum bet of $50. Keep in mind that the higher the bet, the higher the risk, but so will be the reward if you trigger a win.

Check out the Paytable to Learn More Game Play Details

If you want to learn more details about the special features that this casino game presents, and the symbol combination win opportunities that it provides, then you should not forget to take a look at the slot’s paytable overview before you hit that spin button. This overview will tell you all your need to know, so that well though out wagers can be made.

Go After Free Spins in the Game's Bonus Round

A Treasure Coin bonus round flares up when a minimum of six treasure coin icons show up on random reel spots. When the feature starts, you will receive three re-spins, and treasure coins will hold their position. When you manage to spin another treasure coin while the feature is active, then that coin locks itself on its spot until you end the bonus round.

More Free Spins Win Opportunities

Free spins can also be won with the help of a free games feature that unlocks when a minimum of three scatter amulets show up in the base round. Two options become available when you trigger the feature. The first one is Wild Reels in which six free spins will be handed out while Bou Ging-Wan and Nie Feng wild symbols hold their positions on slot reels two and four. The second choice is Treasure Spins. This feature also hands out six free spins, but instead of position holding wilds, you will see that the treasure coin locks its spot on slot reel number five.

Keep an Eye out for RTP Percentage Updates

RTP is short for Return to Player. An RTP percentage for a game will provide you with an indication of how beneficial it will be for you in terms of win returns on wagers. Unfortunately, since Storm Lords Slots is a new game, not much is currently known about the slot’s RTP percentage. If you are interested to make some good wins with this game, then keep an eye out for future updates regarding its actual Return to Player percentage.

Give This Slot Machine Title a Rating

Just as with the Return to Player percentage being unknown at this moment, a valid slot game rating for this new casino slot title is also not yet readily available. However, once this RTG reel spinner finds its way to the casino platform you’re currently playing at, you will have the opportunity to give it a try and provide a good or bad rating by yourself.

Become a Storm Lords Slots Winner

You could place yourself in the first group of winners who are exploring this new game when you show off some serious reel spinning skills and bring luck along on your casino game adventure. Becoming a slot game winner might change your life for good, so give it a serious shot when you encounter this entertainment product during your casino gaming sessions.

Consider to Play This Game for Fun

Have you considered playing this casino slot machine for fun instead of with the intention to win money? It might be a great opportunity for you to learn more about its bonus features, its symbols, and its game play settings without running the risk of losing money. Once you become familiar with the game, you can consider to start playing for real money in order to gain actual profits.

Place Real Money Wagers in Order to Make Real Money Wins

It is certainly fun to play slot titles for free, but wouldn’t it give you an extra boost of excitement if there was some money involved in your game experience? If you are you looking for such an experience, then rest assured that this game will give it to you. Bring along a healthy bankroll stack of coins so that you can start to turn real money wagers into real money profits.

Play This Game on Your Mobile Device

If you have little access to a desktop device because you’re frequently on the go, then don’t worry about having to miss out on any great slot reel spinning adventures. If you want to play Storm Lords Slots while commuting to work or during any other activity that takes you away from home, then just simply find a mobile friendly casino website that comfortably lets you open this game on the screen of a portable device.